Nearby Attractions

Solo is a distinctly Central Javanese with an elegance all its own. It is one of the centers of batik and other Javanese fabrics, and souvenir hunters may find exquisite ‘objects d’art” and ornate trinkets in the local markets. Those interested in old, Javanese culture and art should not miss Solo. Home of two royal houses with centuries of power and influence over the city.

  • Kampoeng Batik Laweyan

    Kampoeng Batik Laweyan
    Laweyan Batik Village has became icon batik in Solo since 19th century when the firs Islamic Trade Association (Sarikat Dagang Islam) was established by Haji Samanhudi in 1912. Now, Laweyan has 250 motif of batik which already patented. Different from Kauman’s batik has dark colour dan classic motif, Laweyan’s batik offers lighter colour batik.

  • Puro Mangkunegaran

    Puro Mangkunegaran
    Solo City also has a beautiful and majestic palace, it’s Mangkunegaran Palace (Pura Mangkunegaran). The name of Pura came from Javanese language which means palace. Mangkunegaran Palace becomes the center of culture and art in Solo City. There are many valueable collections and it’s believed to come from Majapahit and Mataram Palace.

  • Sukuh and Cetho Temples

    Sukuh and Cetho Temples
    Sukuh temple is located in western slopes of Lawu Mount (3000 meters above sea level), approximately 35 km from Solo City. Sukuh Temple was found by Van der Vlis in 1842. Sukuh is a Hindhu temple which built in 15th century. 

  • Sangiran Prehistoric Sites

    Sangiran Prehistoric Sites
    Sangiran Sites becomes one of favourite tourism in Solo, an important prehistoric sites that reveals the live of former human evolution. The sites is located approximately 15 kilometers from Solo, exactly in Sragen, in Solo river valley.

  • Pandawa Water World

    Pandawa  Water World
    Located in New Solo, Grogol Sukoharjo not a regular pool, but the pool with a variety of game is more adventurous. Visitor attractions dometik is not only tourists, but foreign countries. Lots of exciting water adventure rides like a black hole bungy jumping, bungy river, wave pool, slides racer, kiddy pool and other rides.

  • Triwindu Antique Market

    Triwindu Antique Market
    Triwindu Market sells many types of antiques in Solo such as wood and stone sculptures, radio, ancient money, weapon, households appliances, puppets, clocks, etc. Triwindu Market’s located at Diponegoro Street.
    The market was built in 1939 to commemorate 24 years of goverment of Mangkunegaran VII.